Model Farm


Our agriculture section is divided into two parts:

1.The demonstration farm currently holds a greenhouse where tomatoes have been planted.

2. The banana and vegetables section.

We offer opportunities for the community to learn how to carry out farming operations and share best practices with them. The harvest is sold in the local markets and the proceeds used as a source of income that sustains the activities of the C.B.O.

The center offers space for the community groups to practice what they have learned before they install it in their own compounds. The local variety of trees are planted within the tree nursery and the seedlings sold to the surrounding community.

The Center also has a poultry farming project where chicken are kept and serve as a source of income. The chicken and eggs are sold and the center also offers the community members an opportunity to bring their chicks to be reared within our poultry farm. The poultry farm currently holds 500 chicken.