The center is very proud of the fact that we offer free adult education.


The center has worked in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, department for adult education to ensure that we raise the literacy levels in our community. The Ministry provides us with a well-trained and skilled teacher for five days in a week while the center offers class rooms and other resources for the learners. The project focuses only on grown-ups who are motivated and are courageous but due to social engagements and the lack of resources they rarely get a chance of an education and to better themselves. For some of the learners it is the first time to attend classes; therefore, their first goal is learning the basics of reading and writing while others strongly focus on preparations for the National exams. The students are aged between 25 and 80 years. We count ourselves lucky to have the chance to offer this opportunity to our community.

To ensure access to further reading resources; the center has a library available. It does not only offer academic books, but also novels that stimulate reasoning and critical thinking as well as exposure to other world possibilities. The Library can also be accessed by students to improve the standard of their performance in school. Our aim is to convey joy and knowledge. Knowledge as basis of our future!