Nyando CBO


Nyando CBO is a non-profit, community-driven organization which was established in 2009 fully registered in the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development. It was founded by the local community with strong support of CIVS (Centre for International Voluntary Service) as an umbrella body working with different groups within the community to achieve the common interest. It was initiated due to the grinding poverty within the local community. We focus on the strengthening of the small groups by improving the living standards of the community members. Community-based organizations are not affiliated to any religious or political parties.



To build up a strong, cooperating and empowered community to increase the standard of living.



To strengthen the small groups to come and work together, to encourage them for their own generating income activities through demonstration and to become independent and to build up a stable future for the upcoming generations as well as giving children and youth a perspective to fight against poverty.



Nyando CBO Structure


More About Our Work

Nyando CBO is located in Ahero area, opposite Riat market, in the Western part of Kenya. The CBO aims to address issues of poverty brought about by death and suffering as a result of HIV/Aids, Malaria and other diseases that come about due to poor nutrition and the lack of clean water. The cost of treatment is high and unaffordable to the community members who lack education and employment

Approximately 2 million children in Kenya have been orphaned by disease and have to fend for themselves. Those children are not able to access their basic needs and do not have a caregiver. The children lack physical and psychological care, education and shelter and continue to suffer illness and poverty. Besides the above-mentioned problems the extreme weather conditions (short heavy rains and long, hot dry spells) in Ahero aggravates the situation and contributes to further desperation, hopelessness and resignation by the community

Nyando CBO aims to motivate and empower the local residents of all age groups to improve their living standards. In order to uplift their standards of living we intend to demonstrate to the community how to use the available resources, to generate their own income. This is meant to break the cycle of ignorance and indigence. Giving hope to the children ensures that they grow up with the knowledge and skills to get things moving in their homes and within the community. The CBO believes in solidarity of the community and the tenets that the community members need each other in order to succeed. Solidarity opens new opportunities and possibilities which secure the future of our descendants through our variegated programs. We are well on the way to improve the living conditions our community members.