About The Ahero Resource Center


CIVS Kenya developed an innovative project approach, following its integrated socio-economic development strategy. We call it Community Resource Center.

The first Community Resource Center was constructed in Ahero, about 25km east of Kisumu town. The Ahero Resource Center serves as a One-Stop-Shop offering a variety of services to the local community.

To connect with our community members, the center holds different events such as a digital TV (DSTV) and a projector to show soccer matches in the evening and cartoons for children. Further sportive activities such as football games for the community are also planned as well as a gym. We offer a meeting place for all age groups, young and old. The all purpose hall can be used for group meetings or just as a place to relax. Our C.B.O. is an inviting and always welcoming place to be.

Our intention is to empower the youth through the mentioned activities. The youth also interact with the contact persons and ask questions and seek advice on various issues in a well-protected frame.

Providing the children and youth with such an environment; we protect them from bad external influence and support them on a positive path of life.